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Labyrinth (Official Soundtrack) LP

David Bowie
Labyrinth (Official Soundtrack) LP


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By:  Trevor Jones, David Bowie 

1) Opening Titles/Underground (by Trevor Jones)
2) Into the Labyrinth  (by Trevor Jones)
3) Magic Dance  (by David Bowie)
4) Sarah  (by Trevor Jones)
5) Chilly Down  (by David Bowie)
6) Hallucination  (by Trevor Jones)
7) As the World Falls Down  (by David Bowie)
8) The Goblin Battle (by Trevor Jones)
9) Within You  (by David Bowie)
10) Thirteen O'Clock (by Trevor Jones)
11) Home At Last  (by Trevor Jones)
12) Underground  (by David Bowie)

A 2017 remaster and reissue of the David Bowie and Trevor Jones' 1986 soundtrack to the Jim Henson film Labyrinth, also featuring David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King. 

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Described by The Atlantic as “101 minutes of Bowie rock opera and Hensonian spectacle,” Labyrinth was the second major soundtrack that Bowie worked on, falling between his studio albums, Tonight and Never Let Me Down. He wrote and recorded five original songs for the film, including "Underground,” “As The World Falls Down” and “Magic Dance” with its famous, oft-repeated opening: “You remind me of the babe/What babe? The babe with the power/What power? The power of voodoo/Who do? You do/Do what? Remind me of the babe.”

Those opening lines, spoken rather than sung, are a direct homage by Bowie to a classic comedic exchange from the 1947 (Bowie’s birth year) movie The Bachelor And The Bobby-Soxers. In that film, older man Richard Nugent (Carry Grant) and admiring teenager Susan Turner (Shirley Temple) have the exact same exchange, except Bowie replaced the word man with babe and hoodoo with voodoo. And why not?

All songs were performed by Bowie except “Chilly Down” which was sung by Charles Augins, Richard Bodkin, Kevin Clash, and Danny John-Jules, the actors who voiced the ‘Firey' creatures in the film. In the aforementioned interview with Movieline around the film and soundtrack’s release, Bowie revealed an obstacle he encountered while recording. “With ‘Dance Magic’ - the song for Jareth and the baby, sung by them and the goblins in the castle throne room - I had problems,” Bowie explained. “The baby I used in the recording studios couldn’t, or wouldn’t, put more than two gurgles together, so I ended up doing the baby-gurgle chorus myself! It’s an up-tempo song, and visually exciting.”

The 12-track soundtrack is rounded out with Trevor Jones’ memorable score. The synth-based instrumentals, described by All Music Guide as “synthesizers blended cautiously into orchestral ensembles to provide a suitably ethereal tone,” represent pivotal moments from the film and include “Into the Labyrinth,” “Sarah” “Hallucination,” “The Goblin Battle,” “Thirteen O'Clock” and “Home at Last.” Jones and Henson previously worked together on the live action fantasy classic, “The Dark Crystal.”